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MATRIGALSA is a Spanish company, working 100% for the automotive industry, based in Vigo, which has high-quality references in the tool industry for die casting processes.‎


‎For the last three decades, MATRIGALSA has specialized in finding solutions for complex tool geometries and in ensuring high demands on the properties of castings. MATRIGALSA is an accredited partner of car manufacturers and foundries worldwide.‎

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With our experienced team, which is continuously updated with the latest technology through internal and external training, results of the highest quality are achieved. Our customers appreciate the continuity in our company, which has translated into narrow alliances and outstanding development projects.


‎Using the most modern production planning tools, we guarantee our customers maximum flexibility in our available capabilities.‎


‎All this makes MATRIGALSA a customer-oriented company, our goal is to achieve the best results for our customers, every day, with total commitment and passion.‎

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Foundation of MATRIGALSA
‎ISO 9001 Certification
First LCC subcontracting projects‎
First Gravity- and Low-Pressure mold projects‎
KAIZEN project start-up with implementation of LEAN tools
‎Orientation to the machining of large molds up to 25 Tons.‎
‎Corporate change by CM CORP and XESGALICIA
Transfer to the new facilities in the Industrial Estate A GRANXA‎
‎Launch of the Internal PNR Program‎
Start of hiring key profiles
Preparation and approval of the Equality Plan‎
‎Implementation and Certification of ISO 14001‎
Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact Network Spain‎
New MATRIGALSA plant in Mexico
Optimization of new ERP

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Our references make us proud and demonstrate that the international automotive industry and renowned foundries fully trust MATRIGALSA.‎


We are a reliable partner in the production of tools for aluminium and magnesium die casting processes.‎


We are your development partner for new challenges and the development of tool solutions, as well as for the current challenges of electric mobility.‎

Nuestras referencias nos enorgullecen y demuestran que la industria automotriz internacional y reconocidas fundiciones confían plenamente en MATRIGALSA.


Somos un socio confiable en la producción de herramientas para procesos de fundición a presión de aluminio y magnesio.


Somos su socio de desarrollo para nuevos desafíos y el desarrollo de soluciones de herramientas, así como para los desafíos actuales de la movilidad eléctrica.

MATRIGALSA actively participates in the most significant associations in the sector:‎

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‎”We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and maintaining high value-added tools for the automotive sector. Based on experience, qualification and quality standards.”‎


‎”To be the international benchmark in High and Low-Pressure die-casting molds. Based on customer and team satisfaction, incorporating technologically advanced means.”‎


Teamwork:‎‎ Based on respect, communication, trust and collaboration.‎

Commitment to Quality.‎

Continuous improvement.‎‎ In our work, training and means.‎

Environmental awareness.‎

Safety:‎‎ People first.‎

Collaboration with the client:‎‎ With honesty, commitment, and responsibility.‎

‎Implication:‎‎ Passion and enthusiasm with what we do.‎

Value Proposal

Social Responsibility ‎

Transparency Channel


“Nos dedicamos a diseñar, fabricar y mantener utillajes de alto valor añadido para el sector de automoción. Basados en la experiencia, cualificación y estándares de calidad.”


“Ser la empresa referente a nivel internacional en moldes de fundición inyectada en alta y baja presión. Basados en la satisfacción del cliente y del equipo, incorporando medios tecnológicamente avanzados.”


Trabajo en Equipo: Basado en el respeto, la comunicación, confianza y colaboración.

Compromiso con la Calidad.

Mejora continua. En nuestro trabajo, formación y medios.

Conciencia medioambiental.

Seguridad: Las personas primero.

Colaboración con el cliente: Con honestidad, compromiso, y responsabilidad.

Implicación: Pasión y entusiasmo con lo que hacemos.

Propuesta de Valor

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Responsabilidad Social

Canal de Transparencia