‎At MATRIGALSA we are specialists in the manufacture of molds:‎

  • ‎For Aluminium and Magnesium Die Casting ‎
  • ‎For Sand Core Box ‎
  • ‎For Foaming ‎
  • For Trimming

We are equipped to produce molds with the highest dimensional accuracy and optimal functionality from high-quality steel.‎

‎With many years of experience and knowledge, we design and manufacture all kinds of molds. ‎

‎We implement sophisticated local cooling and cooling systems, with temperature control on request, up to complex sliding technologies, also in the construction of intelligent housing.‎

‎The molds we manufacture are based on progressive constructions. Once completed, these meet all aspects of economic and functional requirements.‎

‎Reference to the mold weights that can be produced:‎

  • Minimum: 1.5 Tons‎
  • ‎Maximum: 60 Tons‎

We are‎‎ ‎‎also‎‎ ‎‎a‎‎ ‎‎reference‎‎ in ‎‎‎‎the‎‎ ‎‎market‎‎ in‎‎ the manufacture of ‎‎Tempering Inductors.‎‎ ‎

Molds for High Pressure Aluminium Casting ‎

Molds for Low Pressure Aluminium‎ Casting

Molds for Magnesium‎ Vacuum Casting

Molds for Vacuum-Assisted High Pressure Aluminium‎ Casting

Molds for PU Vacuum Foaming‎

Sand Core Boxes‎

We offer solutions for all sand core box modeling for casting purpose.‎

‎The palette ranges from hot and cold boxes, up to crony tools and completely inorganic sand core box forming tools with heating by electrical elements or oil.‎

Trimming Tools‎

Visión de Productos Fundidos con nuestras Herramientas

A vision of casted Products with our Molds‎

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We are also active in the design and construction of induction heating equipment, as well as in the development of control tools and equipment for the same sector.‎

‎We manufacture and develop inductors of high complexity, according to the needs of the client, contributing our vast experience, always guaranteeing a product with extreme efficiency at the process level.‎

‎We carry out maintenance work on inductors and manufacture auxiliary equipment for the induction heating process, such as showers, coupling plates, inductor holders, among others.‎

Spare parts

MATRIGALSA is also synonymous with offering the best spare parts service.‎

‎With a broad portfolio of spare parts, these include:‎

  • Core pins‎
  • Secondary inserts‎
  • Sliding inserts‎
  • Shooting sleeves‎
  • Cold vents‎

We include in our spare parts delivery the following individual information:‎

  • Material Certificates‎
  • Surface treatment certificates‎
  • Dimensional report‎
  • Laser engraving of the individual part number for traceability purposes‎

Also offering the possibility of opting for a stock service of your spare parts in our facilities.

Putting at your disposal an online tool, through which the customer can follow from the launch to the final delivery of their items.‎