We have a vast number of machines, composed of high-tech equipment and based on the principles of lean manufacturing, obtaining the highest efficiency values.‎


‎Our high-tech machines are specially designed for high-pressure aluminium castings with high machining and tool change speeds, ensuring they reach tight tolerances at a micron level with precise dimensions and quality.‎

Our production at a glance:‎

  • Interactive and mobile project teams‎
  • ‎Tool specialists with advanced knowledge‎
  • ‎Skills in Hydraulics, Welding and Electrical‎
  • ‎Digital process control and quality monitoring‎
  • ‎3D CNC mechanical processing with tool changer‎
  • ‎CAM – CNC equipment with rotation system and WOP‎
  • ‎5-axis simulation milling‎
  • ‎Collision monitoring and machine data with call system‎
  • ‎Carriageways up to 3 m‎
  • ‎Table loading up to 20 T‎
  • ‎Crane systems up to 40 T‎
  • ‎Puncture press – 3 m x 3 m, 4000 kN‎



‎EDM Electrical Discharge Machining


Our assembly process obeys a rigor of high quality, which is endorsed by our specialized assembly team with vast years of experience.‎

‎We also have at Your disposal all the means that guarantee the mechanical assembly with the greatest possible agility, such as:‎


  • ‎Tool closure presses‎
  • ‎Tool Turner 50 Tn‎
  • ‎Drilling and threading machines‎

‎Auxiliary Processes‎

‎We also guarantee a large number of additional processes that are applied to components based on customer needs and specifications, such as:‎


  • Heat treatment, from stabilized, to tempered, all with the certification of the material.‎
  • Ultrasonic washing system, with ultrasonic drying process, rinsing option and corrosion protection.‎
  • Certified welding process, with welding stress relief process.‎
  • ‎Various blasting processes.‎
  • ‎Performing the tool leak test with detailed reports.‎
  • ‎Mechanical testing of materials carried out by local external laboratories.‎